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My top 5 destinations in the Dolomites

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I visited the Dolomites in the autumn as part of Jacob and I's European road trip adventure! I loved every single part of it but 5 of the destinations really stood out to me hence: My top 5 destinations in the Italian Dolomites! So here goes. I hope it can inspire a few stops on your own Dolomites road trip.

1. Seiser Alm / Alpe de Siusi ⛷

Dolomite’s most beautiful alpine meadow also called Seiser Alm. This is a huge skiing area that can be reached with the Seiser Alm cable car. In the summer Alpe di Siusi are full of green hills with huts and cows and not to forget: amazing panoramic views of the nearby mountains.

What you need to know:

You can actually drive all the way up, but the road to Alpe Di Siusi / Seiser Alm is closed between 9am and 5pm. Also the parking costs €19 which corresponds to the prize of the cable car back and forth and the parking at the bottom is free so you can just as well take the cable car (unless you want to be there for sunrise or sunset when the cable car is closed). The cheapest way to get up there is by taking the bus from Castelrotto / Kastelruth. The last bus goes up at 11.30am and a one-day tickey is €2.5 which you can buy in the tourist office in town.

2. Seceda 🚠

Seceda is an iconic destination in the Dolomites because of its dramatic mountain face and gorgeous green hills surrounding it. The summit of Seceda with its 2518 meters is a loved destination for paragliders and mountain lovers as there are both easy and difficult hikes to go on up there. However, the famous view you know of Seceda can actually be reached with no hiking at all - you can literally see it when you step out of the cable car. You’ll also be met with views of almost the entire South Tyrol and the tallest mountain in all of Dolomites: The Marmolada!

What you need to know:

The easiest way to get to Seceda is by taking two cable cars from Ortisei. It’s a 35€ return ticket all the way to the top and back. Parking at the bottom is 9€, so it’s an expensive stop but very worth it.

What to do there:
  • Take in the views of Seceda on a bench at the summit

  • Get all close and personal with the dramatic mountain tops

  • Hike around the area

3. Lago di Braies 🛶

Crystal clear water and and a breathtaking mountain backdrop? No Dolomites trip is complete without visiting the iconic and stunning lake, Lago di Braies, one of the most stunning lakes in Italy and one of the top spots in the Dolomites. It is also referred to as “the Pearl of the Dolomites” and for good reason! The sunrise over the lake and mountain is breathtaking – even with a whole bunch of photographers to share it with (which you probably will have haha).

What you need to know:

The most convenient way to get here is by car. Especially if you want to go early, car is the only option. There’s parking next to the lake for 10€ an hour (no matter how early you arrive). The other option is to take the bus from Dobbacio or San Candido. In the busy months, they might close the road so people will have to take a shuttle - to regulate the high number of visitors. To visit the lake is free, but to acces the dock (the insta-famous place to photograph the lake), you have to pay for a boat ride. The dock is completely closed off and opens for boat rides at 9am if I recall correctly.

What to do there:
  • Watch the sunrise!!!

  • Walk around the lake

  • Rent a boat (30 minutes for 19€)

  • Go for a swim (if the weather allows it)

  • Take a thousand photos

When to go:

So entry is free all year around, but the best time to go - especially if you want a parking spot near the lake - is right before sunrise. It is also the prettiest time to visit the lake. The bigger crowds arrive around 9-10am. Time of year doesn’t matter. It is pretty in the summer, when the boats are out on the water, and during the winter, the lake get icy.

4. Tre Cime di Lavaredo 🏔🏔🏔

The 3 peaks of Tre Cime is at the top of my list of places to go in the Dolomites - especially if you like hiking a bit. I'd say it's manageable for both beginners and advanced hikers as long as you have a reasonable fitness level. I regretted it a few times along the way haha but in the end it was worth it.

The three wild and rough peeks of Tre Cime can be walked around in approximately 10 kilometres, so you can see the majestic landscapes from all sides. It is gorgeous. Exhausting (I’m not a great hiker if I'm being honest) but amazing! The path in some places can be rocky and steep, so bring good footwear. There are four restaurant huts on the trip so you’ll know it when you’ve made it a quarter of the way, halfway or nearly done! When you are halfway and reach the “Drei-Zinnen-Hütte” don’t forget to go the caves just above it! It’s only a short extra trip but really cool as it frames the Tre Cime perfectly.

What you need to know:

The most convenient way to the beginning of the trail is by car. There’s plenty of parking spots at the top, however, the road is not free. It’s a 30€ toll road which includes the parking. Another way is by taking the shuttle bus from Albergo Misurina. The bus rides takes about 20 minutes and ends at the parking area at the top. This is only 4€ per person. This is the option we chose, we found a few parking spots along the road where we could park for free and then took the bus from the nearby busstop in Albergo Misurina.

When to go:

Be there before 9am to get a parking spot for your car. As early as possible is also best if you want to hike around the peaks as it is a pretty long walk - about 10 kilometers so you’ll need a few hours.

5. Cadini di Missurina 🏔

Next to Tre Cime you’ll find this amazing spot. Even though I’ve seen this spot multiple times on instagram, the location wasn’t easy to find and it’s not nearly as famous as the others spots – so you'll have it more or less to yourself. Nevertheless, it’s probably my favourite view in the Dolomites and I'd say it might be the most beautiful place in the Dolomites! It’s pretty easy to reach. Only a short hike in the opposite direction of Tre Cime (at least compared to Tre Cime).

What you need to know:

Located right next to Tre Cime, it can be visited as part of a Tre Cime day trip. At Refugio Auronzo, where the Tre Cime trail begins, you turn right instead of walking towards Tre Cime. From here you can follow the red marks that leads up over the hill opposite the parking lot and be met with this view in about a kilometer. I recommend doing it before doing the Tre Cime hike, as you'll be too exhausted afterwards – plus it's a nice start to the day.

So there you have it! My top 5 must-visit places in the Dolomites. I hope my experience and recommendations are useful to plan your own Dolomites roadtrip. And if you haven't put the Dolomites on your bucket list yet I hope you will now. I mean the photos speak for themselves don't they?



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