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Glamping, campfire and good times

I discovered Glamping Skovgaardsminde on a quest for cool experiences to have in Denmark, and luckily the owners, Lisanne and Karina, was happy to accommodate me and Jacob for a night! Denmark is the perfect place for glamping as Denmark is full of beautiful nature surroundings and experiences. The only tricky factor is the very unpredictable Danish weather – as we discovered on our night here. However, the rain actually ended up making the stay extra cozy and a fun experience as well. I hope this makes you want to go on a glamping adventure as much as I want to go again!

This article is sponsored by Glamping Skovgaardsminde

Skovgaardsminde is located in one of my favourite parts of Denmark; Northern Jutland (Nordjylland). Up here there's so much natural beauty to see and also cities worth a taking a day trip to. If you want inspiration for what to do on your trip check out my earlier blog post: Northern Denmark's small wonders.

At Skovgaardsminde you can stay in four camps that all has a tent, a fireplace, a private camping toilet, a table and bench set and two loungers. There's also a shared outdoor shower if needed. We stayed in the campground called "Ask". The luxurious tent had a big double bed with pillows and duvets, solar powered lights, a cooling box for our food and all the necessary kitchen equipment for the campfire outside – including equipment for popping popcorn or making pancakes.

A cozy rainy day

When we arrived at Skovgaardsminde, Lisanne and Karina showed us our campsite for the night. It had already started raining, but while packing we quickly discovered all the games that our hostesses had provided the tent with. We sat outside at the table under a big parasol and tried to teach ourselves Backgammon and Domino, until we ended up choosing the deck of cards instead hehe.

We knew it might rain, so we had decided beforehand to bring dinner with us, as a warm dinner must be made on the campfire, as the tent doesn't have electricity (bring a powerbank if you need extra power for your phone). We hung out in the tent the rest of the evening with a good movie and the pretty fairy lights lighting the tent up when it got darker.

Breakfast on the campfire

In the morning, they sky had cleared up and we managed to make a fire and boil some water for tea! At 8am our breakfast basket arrived, which is included in the stay, and it was full of locally grown goodies! We got bread, jam, butter, cheese, salami, honey, a cake and apple juice. There was also two eggs that we cooked on the fireplace. After breakfast we did the dishes and hung out for a bit until it was time to check-out and drive home.

So to sum it all up. Glamping at Skovgaardsminde is a great way to enjoy nature and do something different than your typical holiday stay. It was very fun to make all our food and water over the fire, as it is so different from our ways at home! So if you are looking for a unique place to stay while you're exploring Nordjylland's nature, I recommend Glamping Skovgaardsminde :-D

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